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November 12, 2011

Fast Foward

It's been 8 months since I last blogged (in written form).  I took blogging to video.  More comfortable talkin' than writin'.

What I thought was a surgery to beat cancer wasn't.

What I thought was a temporary blip on our family screen turned out to be a tsunami of what's next.

My husband's cancer spread.  Spread again.  And here we are.  I hate the phrase "fight of your life".  Cause really...is a watergun a match for a forest fire?

Watching my husband's physical appearance change has been strange.  We all change throughout time.   This wasn't a time thing - this happened overnight.   Similar to how my wrinkles are erased by the magic of Botox.  His youthful appearance has been erased by the ravaging of cancer.

My kids are suffering.  Not in silence.  We have always been a family who shares "feelings".  Good training for the future as it turns out.  So much pain and sadness coming from their tiny hearts.   I comfort them as best I can.  I am hoping it's good enough.

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