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November 16, 2011

Comfort Quilt On ABC News


The children of a suburban man wanted to do something for their father who is battling cancer. They finally came with an idea they liked, and they asked some celebrities to help.
It is a tapestry of gratitude and grief, a quilt, though still in pieces, that is helping tie one family together.
"I can't believe that I need this quilt. And I wish that I didn't need it," said wife Alyce Riedesel.
Forty-seven-year-old Eric Riedesel, of Antioch, was diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of kidney cancer nine months ago.

For his wife and three children, time has stood still.
"Some days are unbearable. And the other days are just hard. And sometimes for a minute you can forget. For a minute," said Alyce.
About a month ago, 9-year-old twins Harrison and Adelaide decided they would make a quilt for dad, and send panels to friends and relatives to sign.
They decided to send them to dad's favorite celebrities as well, along with a return envelope and a letter explaining his illness.
"Only a hundred people get this kind of cancer each year. I told him that makes him special," Adelaide said.
"I thought they would never sign it. I thought they would get a manager or someone to do it," said Harrison.
But return the panels they have, dozens of celebrities, from actors Michael Douglas, to Joan Rivers, to Jennifer Love Hewitt.
"Generous and very caring of others," Harrison said.
Chicago Bears players have signed it, as did the first President Bush.
"I didn't know George Bush, Sr. was going to do it," said Adelaide.
"It like takes time away from thinking of all the negatives again," said Harrison.
Eric Riedesel didn't feel up to an interview Wednesday, but his kids soon plan to give him the quilt.
"I think once my dad sees it, he's going to be really proud of us that we tried to do this and stuff, and we did," said Adelaide.
"I'm very grateful that we have the quilt," said Alyce. "I'm very, very grateful for all the help that I've gotten."
For more information about getting quilt panels: alyceiscurious@gmail.com | alyceiscurious.blogspot.com

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