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November 16, 2011

From the Heart

A letter from Adelaide

Our Big Girl
I found out my dad has kidney cancer in February. Only 100 people get his kind of cancer every year. I told him that makes him special. Mom told me people who have dad’s cancer die. She said if he just had the vanilla ice-cream part of cancer it wouldn’t be bad but he also has chocolate sauce on it which is really bad. There is no medicine that makes it go away. The medicine he takes makes him really sick. I thought medicine makes people feel better. The doctors don’t know when he’s going to die and I don’t either. My mom and my dad cry sometimes. I cry a lot.
I see a counselor, Robin, who helps me talk about dad and other stuff. We came up with an idea to make dad a quilt that would help him not be so cold. We thought we would ask all of dads friends and family to write or draw on a piece of fabric to make the quilt. Then I thought we could ask people he doesn’t know in real life, but people who are important to him, like you. I want dad to know everyone, everywhere loves him and is hoping he will be o.k. It’s good to feel like I can do something to help out because so many times I’m not sure what I can do to fix dad’s cancer. He doesn’t know a thing about it, so I’m really excited!
If you know someone famous and would like a piece of fabric for them to sign, email my mom at alyceiscurious@gmail.com.
Thank you,

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