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November 12, 2011

Adelaide's Comfort Quilt Project

Daddy's Girl
When 9 year old Adelaide discovered that her 47 year old Father was dying from a rare form of kidney cancer, she wanted to something to help him.  In therapy, she came up with the idea to make a comfort quilt that would help to keep him warm.  And to personalize it, she decided to send squares of the quilt to family and friends so they could sign it.
Then Adelaide decided that if she could get celebrities to sign it, her Father would realize how important he is in the world.  Through her Mom’s posts on Facebook and Youtube, and the kindness of people they didn’t even know, she has already gotten autographs back from the entire Chicago Bears team, Stiller and Meara, Charlie Sheen, former Bulls GM Jerry Krause and Space Shuttle Astronaut Greg Chamitoff.
The quilt is a surprise for her Father’s birthday in January.  If you know of a celebrity who would be willing to sign it, Adelaide’s Mom will send you a square of the quilt, a pen, a letter from Adelaide, and a self addressed stamped envelope.
What some may consider a small gesture will help this 9 year old and her entire family cope in what is clearly the most challenging time of their lives.

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