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February 18, 2011

Surgery is over

The doctor just came out to tell me that surgery was successful. They removed the kidney and the giant fucking tumor that just about ruined our lives. The doc said the puss in the tumor likely caused the spike in his white cell blood count. The tumor and some lymph nodes are being sent to pathology. BUT the doc said that he will most likely need NO ADDITIONAL therapies. Hear that cancer? We got you in one big bundle of shit. Threw you in the trash to never be seen again.

You did not take my husband. You did not leave my three beautiful children fatherless. You have been beaten.

I now sit in the visitors lounge waiting for my husband to be released to a room. He is recovering now. Not aware that he will be able to see our little baby graduate college and further. Witness our son become even more than we can imagine he will be. Watch our oldest beautiful daughter blossom into a wonderful woman whose future is a vast as the eye can see.

I sit here feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. My husband will be by my side to witness all that life will hand us. What I know is that together we can handle it.

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