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Why should you give a crap about me? I have no idea... BUT....I want to thank you for joining me on my journey of a super shitty - averagely happy - drama filled - absolutely hilariously funny life.
I clearly feel the need to spill my guts about what is happening in my life to people I don't know. The funniest most off color TRUE stories you've ever heard - and when you least expect it, you'll cry like a baby.

The photo you are seeing is "my" yard in the summer. A home is not a place it is the inhabitants that make it a home.

With love, Alyce

November 17, 2011

Where will you be when you're older?

This is the picture I had in mind when Eric and I married.  Two ole people walkin'
together toward the ....
...whatever happens next.

To think that OUR...whatever happens when you're really old is happening now...

...is not something I prepared for

Will WE walk down the aisle with OUR daughter

When OUR son kisses his baby will WE be there to see it?

What is happening now is WE are together right now. 

 I love you Eric

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