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January 18, 2012

Thank God For Video Blogs (Vlogs)

My husbands video blogs will be the most watched t.v. in this house.

When my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Kidney Cancer we decided making video blogs for the children's life events would be a great idea.

We put it off and put it off and now time is of the essence.  Even at this time in our lives we are still procrastinating.  Imagine.

I am sitting in my bed next to my husband's hospital bed that was delivered to our home about 4 weeks ago.   But check this out, if he gets help to scoot over as much to his right as possible there's room enough for us to sleep together.  We watch t.v. and he falls asleep immediately and I try to stay awake to listen to his breathing.

Back to the point. Right now I'm watching my husband make videos congratulating our children for completing different life events such as - graduating middle/highschool/college/grad school/PhD -dating - getting married - having a baby, etc...

How does one make a video expressing heartfelt feelings of pride regarding events that haven't happened yet?  Some of these events won't happen for 15 years.  How do you know how you will react at that time?  Of course you'll feel proud and happy when it happens.  But how do you convey that in a video?  

I sit here and watch my husband speaking from his heart to his children's ears and heart and I realize the words of the message are least important.  The heartfelt emotion a completely overwhelming for them is the message.  He has this mastered.

There are sometimes tears of him not being able to be there.  Sometimes claps of congratulations.  Always a love in his eyes that they will watch more than the words that are coming out of his mouth.

My husband's most commonly used phrase in all of his videos  is, "I want you to be happy."   Not everyone gets the opportunity to do this.  Although, if you're alive you can say to the people in your life, I am so proud of you, and I want you to be happy.

Anyway, I'm so glad that this is 2012 and not 1912, or even 1962.  Those were times when people didn't have the opportunity to record their feelings on video for their family members, (who miss them so much) to see how their passed loved one feels about them.

As my husband is becoming more tired it is becoming more important to do as many videos he can physically do.  I'm the coach - "you can do it, do 3 more."  

My children will get to visit with their father at will because of his forethought. Just pop in your personal video and he's there with you, talking to you. They will get to hear their dad's voice - his advice - and feel his love.  

Thank you Al Gore for the internet.


  1. Alyce.....you are right! It is a wonderful thing for Eric to be able to leave his thoughts and feelings for his children and well as you to watch and listen forever. My heart, thought and prayers are with you and the family at this most difficult time.

  2. ..thank you Merrill...it's so hard to watch these being made. UGHUGHUGHUGHUGH

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful Alyce. I pray for your strength to get through this. I can't imagine how difficult it is to be there while he is pouring out his heart. Stay strong my friend.


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