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Why should you give a crap about me? I have no idea... BUT....I want to thank you for joining me on my journey of a super shitty - averagely happy - drama filled - absolutely hilariously funny life.
I clearly feel the need to spill my guts about what is happening in my life to people I don't know. The funniest most off color TRUE stories you've ever heard - and when you least expect it, you'll cry like a baby.

The photo you are seeing is "my" yard in the summer. A home is not a place it is the inhabitants that make it a home.

With love, Alyce

January 29, 2012

My first outing since acquiring my new life.

This is where I decided to go.  Back
"home" to the place I escape to.

My order is much too complicated to put on one cup.  Thankfully I've spent enough money that I say nothing and they make exactly what I need.

I kind of feel like everybody is looking at me and thinking "poor her" as if someone tattoo'd WIDOW on my forehead.  Or perhaps they're just looking at me because I've chosen to use one seat for myself and the other for my computer bag to assure nobody would be able to sit next to me.

Surprisingly similar to my engagement ring.

So, I sit here and contemplate different things, like my wedding ring.   I am obviously no longer married.  Not by choice but by some vile and disgusting disease that took my husband from me.  So, throwing the ring over the railing at a bridge wouldn't be an option.  Selling it is not an option either.  Keeping it for one of my daughters is an option - but which one?

The question really is - how long do I wear this ring?  Is there an appropriate amount of time before I put away the ring I received from my husband when he asked me to marry me.  The same ring I've worn for 10 years.

I know I know what you're gonna say.  You'll know when it's the right time.   Nah, I don't think so.  It'll be something I google to see what's mostly done and then I'll make my decision.

Tomorrow I start posting on my FB wall again.

For those of you who don't know, I have an Alyce IsCurious regular page, Fan Page, and Group.  In the works is an Alyce IsCurious.com website.  It's been under development for what seems like forever.  I have a website designer who is fabulous and we're in the final stages before releasing it.  The website will incorporate all of the things that I love and people seem to enjoy.  Political banter, entertainment gossip, The Comfort Quilt, My Vlog, My Blog, and all of the back and forth we've grown to love together.  Without the constraints of you know who and what.

This is a date

My daughter asked if I was going to date.  AM I GOING TO DATE?  Hmmmm....Am I going to date.  My mom dates and my daughter helps her pick the "cute" guys on the dating sites.  I think that's more what's she interested in than her Mom actually going out on a date with a man.

But let's play Back To The Future for a second.

Newly widowed woman with three beautiful children.  Twins that are 9 and a baby that is almost 2'ish.  I need to see the last three months of your banking statements, credit reports from the majors, and how much money is in your 401K.  No convicts need apply.  I don't really care why you were in the county jail for 24 hours, just skip over me.  In addition, must go through both psychological testing and a lie detector test (I choose the detector of the lies.)  Must agree to have my private investigator research your past thoroughly.  This includes interviewing any women you have been involved with over the last 20 years.  Must have at least 5 of your own friends.  Let me clarify.  These are not friends you inherited from your old flame.  These are actually relationships that you have cultivated on your own.  In addition you need to have at least two friends you are in some kind of contact with from school.  I'll even let it be as late as high school.  You can have pets, but can't treat them like people.  You also can have parents but can't believe they are without flaws.  You must say at least 10 nice things per day, and yes that includes thank you (but a maximum of 3 thank you's will be applied to the 10).

I could go on...but I guess with this short list the answer to my daughter's question is NO AND NOT EVER.

So this is what I've got right now:

  • I managed to leave my home 8 days after my husband died.  By the way I prefer the term "died" as opposed to "passed away" which I don't really understand.
  • My Facebook posts will resume tomorrow, and I hope I will be accepted back.
  • The website I have been developing will be running very very soon.
  • Dating seems to be out of the question.
  • My mother is brave and strong.
  • I have the most beautiful and brave children on the planet.
  • This will not kill me.


  1. I'm so sorry Alyce...I know I don't "know" you in the traditional sense of the word, but as a Facebook acquaintance, I had no idea you were going through such a devastating experience. I did not know your husband has Stage IV kidney cancer. I did not know that he died because of this dreadful disease. I can offer you only my sympathy, my compassion and peaceful thoughts sent your way. Thank you for sharing during this time of raw emotion.

  2. ...thank you so much for your words.



  3. It's a very moving story. I wish you the best on this journey


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