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February 1, 2012

Passed Away........

...is the dumbest most over used nonsense phrase on the planet.

Definition of PASS AWAY

Verb: pass away  pãs UW's
  1. Pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life
    "She passed away from cancer"; 

So afraid of death we are that we have given it a name that makes it appear to be less offensive than the word dead or died.

My husband did not pass away - he died.  He is dead.  Not to return just one more time to kiss his children goodnight.  I find this dumbing down of such a powerful and horrible event in our lives.

If you want to "put your animal to sleep" o.k.  But when referring to my husband use the word that is appropriate.  He died or is dead.

Is it so hard for us to think that one day we will also be dead?  Cause I hate to make you aware of this secret, but it's going to happen to every single person that reads this blog. 

Synonyms: check outconk (out)croak [slang], decease,demisedepartdropendexitexpirefallflatlinego,kick in [slang], kick off [slang], pass (on)pass away,partpeg out [chiefly British], perishpop offstep out,succumbbite the dustbuy it (or buy the farm), give up the ghostkick the bucketsnuff it [British]

I don't see anyone saying any of the above phrases when speaking about people dying.  So how did Pass Away become so accepted?  I'm not sure, but I refuse to disparage my husband by making light of his death.


Regard or represent as being of little worth.
depreciate - belittle - decry - underestimate

I am quite certain that many will disagree with my opinion on this and that is quite o.k.

When I look at pictures I cannot believe that my husband is dead and there will be no more new memories.  No more new pictures.  No more new laughter.   Just old memories that we will cling to for the rest of our days.

My children cried last night til their eyes were swollen.  They begged me for just one more day with their father who died.  I cried with them.  One more day wouldn't be enough.  We all want one more WHOLE lifetime with Eric.

My husband was killed by a deadly disease.  I am choosing to honor him by using the word died.

All my love Eric,


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  1. Alyce. I am so sorry your husband died. I too cried with my children when their father left. I know the gut wrenching feeling of never being able to turn the clock back. I don't know you, but I have thought about you every day since December. I have also thought of your beautiful children. And as far as your post yesterday about the smelling things, I know that too. When I broke up with the love of my life, I went out and bought a bottle of the cologne he used to wear. I would sniff it when I missed him and felt comforted too. Whatever gets you through this Alyce, do that. I am here with you and for you.
    All my love,


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