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February 6, 2012

You tellin' me ta shhhh???

C'mon Now.  Do you really think I can be censored?

It strikes me funny that the people who are on the very right of things are sometimes the same who want to censor people like me.

This isn't a political statement as much it is a statement on human nature.  Sure you can slam anybody you want to - as long as:

  1. They don't hear you.
  2. You don't know them.
  3. You can deny it.
  4. You hold yourself to a different standard than the rest of the planet.
Here goes....

I will talk about whatever and whomever I'd like to talk about on MY blog.  I will be as vulgar or not - but this is how I see fit.  Not you nor you nor you.  As this is a "free" country YOU have the right not to read my rantings.  Ahhhh, but if you do be careful as you might just "assume" it is you I am talking about.  However, I don't have to reveal it is you unless I want to.  

Oh, and if I do speak of you directly and it is neither a fabrication or total bullshit (which I think might be the same) it's not slander - it's called truth.

Cannot distort the truth

The truth of the matter is this.  Never be ashamed of your behavior.  If you find that you've done something to be ashamed of, try to remedy it by saying I'M SORRY!!!!  That's an idea.

  • If you don't like George Carlin - or know why I'm asking then you probably don't belong here.
  • If you just can't tolerate my opinion then you might not belong here.
  • If you email me and tell me what to write - I will only wish you would go away, but can be assured that you won't.
That is the end of my rant for the day.

So either hugs to you OR go fuck yourself.  Whichever you think might apply to you specifically.

With love or disdain,


P.S.  I was going to think of more good-byes but it just got too laborious.  


  1. lol I am saying haha in your face to those who do this. I cannot believe people have the audasity to voice things on YOUR BLOG of what you should say or do LMAO.
    Bravo to you and your honesty Alyce :)

  2. ...I think I just stood up for myself!!! Takin' a bow.

  3. more power to you,Alyce! We've got your back.....


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