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February 18, 2011

Things are happening too quickly...

In am not going to recap the events of yesterday. Or, an hour ago for that matter. it takes all of my strength to remember to brush my teeth.

Both the bone scan and the MRI show the cancer has not spread to other organs or his bones.

We met with the doctor who is performing the surgery. Invoke this morning at 3:45 quickly dressed, woke our beautiful sleeping baby so I can breastfeed. Got into my car to find a dead battery. Oh my,what a shock.

Fast forward......

They just took my husband, father of our children to surgery. As a non practicing Jew I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say. But what I want to say is p, "Please God, watch over my husband. Help him get through this surgery with no pain. Let him wake to a feeling of peace that this road we are currently traveling on isn a short detour and we will be back on the road of health and happiness quickly.

The waiting begins...

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