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February 16, 2011

At the hospital for the first time.

...not feeling like doing a recap. So let's go forward. The general practitioner has no idea what's going on with my husband. My very frightened husband. We, the doctor and I, decided the best place for him is in the hospital. When you're an outpatient you get the privlidge of convincing the insurance company to allow you run tests that just might save the father of your children. When you're in hospital they gotta do it!

We entered through the ER. I actually said we are "checking in" as if we were in Vegas or some other fun vacation spot. But then we met with the triage nurse. Pretty blonde woman who as the questions were asked an answered presented a more and more perplexed look on her face.

Done with that battery of questions and into the emergency room area. Ohbyeah, one question was interesting...What religion are you? Is that a last rights question eected to bring comfort?

It's very slow here. It seems like we're the only emergency and we walked in here.

Chest x-ray done. CT scan done. Blood drawn. He has a slight fever. Seems to be resting comfortably.

He has take a very brave position. Whatever it is I will get medicine and that'll be that. He is much more brave than I am.

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