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February 17, 2011

Hospitals suck!

I left my husband last night to go home and rest. Thought he would as well. I got a call at 7:30 informing me that he had not yet been brought dinner. I ordered it be brought at 6:30. While we were on the phone a nurse knocks..."I found your dinner sittin out here by your door.". The ticket reads...made at 5:45pm. Deliver at 6:30pm. But don't give it to the really sick guy until it's cold at 7:30.

It's not enough to be sick?????

This morning. I wake up at 2:30. Well, I'm woken up at 2:30 by our delicious baby. I sit in the dark given our baby food that I can provide. Wondering to myself if her daddy will see her go to preschool. I am wishing I had more faith because I wanted to pray I just didn't know how to.

Baby falls to sleep I go back to bed. An hour later my older girl comes in saying she had a nightmare. I felonies to climb in and lay with me. I stroke her hair thankful she is not aware of the real life nightmare I feel is impending.

Up for good at 5:30 and start getting ready to go to the hospital. Give my mother and inlays instructions on what to do today. (in failed to mention that at a moments notice my mother flew in from FL. (I could not get through this, whatever this is without her.). My in-laws also arrived yesterday. Takes three grandparents to do my job. I must be pretty important.

Stop at Starbucks get a hot and cold drink. Stop at Walgreens get my husband a very specific type of cough drop. As well as Milanos, Oreos, gum, magazines. Oh, and a giant bear holding a heart that says I LOVE YOU. Half price on the bear as it's after Valentines Day, and clearly people only love others half as much after that.



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