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December 3, 2011

Granting Dreams.Org is AMAZING!!

Dear friends, 
For those that are new to my blog.  My 47 y.o. husband is battling (dumb word) Stage IV Kidney Cancer.  We have 9 y.o. courageous and amazing boy/girl twins and a beautiful 16 month old baby girl.  
Happy Time With Daddy
After my husband's diagnosis, my daughter decided to make a quilt for him.  A quilt that would cover him in love. We asked family, friends and celebrities to sign a piece of fabric and mail it back to us.  We named it the...

Through word of mouth, sharing viral videos, messages, FB, and with the help of friends and strangers alike; we have received signed pieces of fabric from:

Shaq, Sam McMurray, Chynna Phillips, General Hospital 

Cast, BruceWeitz, Charlie Sheen, Survivor, The Chicago

Bears, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ralph Covert, Stiller & Meara, 

Astronaut Greg Chaitoff, Joan Rivers, Jerry Krause, Michael 

Douglas, President George Bush Sr., Sofia Vergera, 

Cast of Young & Restless, Joe Maloof, Phillipe Cousteau, Nub 

OC Choppers, Pat Foley Blackhawks, John P. Daley. 

More pieces of fabric are being signed right now.  We 
are just waiting for them to come back. 

The world - in case you didn't get it.

What I'm about to tell you is out of this world.

A woman, <we'll call her Linda, because that's her name> called me from the organization...

Granting Dreams.Org <click, and I mean it> 

has offered to help to get signatures for the...  
 AND is trying to get Shania Twain to come for lunch.  

This is my vision of what Granting Dreams would be if it were a place.
How You Can Help Granting Dreams.Org
Linda and I had a lengthy conversation.  What an amazing and inspirational woman she is.  Even if nothing comes of it, speaking with her has enhanced my life.

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